16 Online Shops That Make Gorgeous Planner Bows

Updated 23 November 2020. This post is updated on a regular basis.

DISCLAIMER: This article is a directory of shops for informative purposes only. This is not a review of their products and services and is not a paid or sponsored article.

I love bows! Bows are one of my favorite planner accessories, they can turn a plain planner to a very stylish one. For rings, I like them as paper clips or tassels. And for TNs, charms are an additional bonus.

Aside from planner-related shops who sells bow accessories, I have seen online shops that sells super pretty bows but they are mainly made as hair accessories. I decided to ask some shops if they can customize their bows for our pretty planners. Some were kind of surprised with my request but they were accommodating enough to entertain my inquiries.

These are the shops that can make pretty bow accessories for your planners. I highly recommend to check out these shops because they have so many designs to choose from, you can’t just judge one shop with just one photo!

1. Chloe’s bowtique

This is one of the most affordable shops I know. Making mostly gross grain and faux leather bows, they make small bows that are a perfect fit for paper clips and charms! They accept custom orders for your planner accessories.

These are some of my orders from 2018. You can request to add embellishments like rhinestones or pearls to your bows at a really affordable price. You can check out Chloe’s bowtique here.

2. iMAJiCA

A familiar name in the planner community for her custom made planner accessories. Bows are made of gross grain, sparkly fabric, lace, satin, and soon glittered canvas bows. They also offer ribbon and thread tassels, or combination of both to add to your bows. What I love about her work is that she does not usually repeat designs! You can check her out in Instagram.

3. bellebowsph

Their bow collection is so pretty and over-the-top! You will love them as planner charms, especially their Disney and mermaid bows. They are open for collaboration, bulk orders and worldwide shipping! You can also check their website here.

4. Bow x Glam PH

This artist from Pampanga crafts bows made with love! Her bows are mostly made of faux leather and glitter bows with embellishments are so pretty to look at. They also offer custom made bows so get your bows at your own style! Shop at their Instagram account.

5. Crafthappie by Vanj

A well-loved fellow planner girl known for her handmade crafts, especially shabby chic themed accessories. She makes bows mainly out of cardstock but I hear she will make new bows out of new materials soon *wink wink* You can also check her out on Facebook.

6. Anything Precious

I loooove how she makes her handmade bow designs. The leather design, color combination, centerpiece and embellishments will make your planner the belle of the ball! Her FranchiBows are a perfect for planner charms and can make mini versions for paper clips.

7. Eclations

This shop is not new to the planner community because the artist is a planner lover herself. She takes bows to the next level by adding tassels. Get your planners some big makeover with a pretty bow tassel! (shop is temporarily closed and under revamp!)

8. NH.bows

Making bows since 2018, her bows are really beautiful! They are made to order and uniquely crafted so that you could really be sure that the bows are meant for you!

9. KAMI ay Handmade

This shop makes pretty leather bows with lots of embellishments! She offers a variety of designs, and the Easter bows are one of the cutest of them all. The pastel and cuteness overload makes me want to buy it in a heartbeat!

10. Chrisella09

Another familiar name in the planner community that offers a variety of handcraft items for your planners. They can make bows out of almost anything from woven cotton, leather, gross grain and even lace! You can also find her on Facebook and Shopee.

11. elladorable.ph

This Pampanga-based shop offers quality accessories at a very reasonable price. The pink glitter bow with gem teardrop centerpiece is a personal favorite of mine! You can also get a pair of medium size bows perfect for paper clips for as low as P60 for 3!

12. Gleam & Glitter PH

Making bows at reasonable prices, their shop is definitely worth checking. If you want over-the-top bows, she offers extra embellishments for the bow you choose! She has a Facebook account and offers COD on Shopee.

13. Amaris’ Handmade Crafts

Creating cute colorful mermaid-inspired bows made of different fabrics, you’ll love a touch of mermaid for your planners! You can shop at Facebook.

14. Lil’ Threads PH

This shops offers affordable handmade accessories for your little angels made with fabric scraps and preloved or “ukay” clothes. Their motto is being thrifty in a way we can save Earth. You can shop on Facebook.

15. Curtsies and Bows

A planner girl herself, she makes planner accessories made of leatherette, canvas, glittered canvas and genuine leather. You can shop on Facebook.

16. Sweet Pea Allie

Sweet Pea Allie started in April 2019 by 2 virtual friends from a felt crafting group, started a friendship and made a collaboration of our bows for a school event. The shop is named after one of their daughters, Allison Karlie aka Allie. Aside from bows, they also offer felt accessories.

Do you know other shops that offers bow planner accessories? Let me know so I can add them to the list!

Support our local craftsmen in the Philippines! I have compiled a list of other shops that you may want to check out here!

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