What’s In My Planner Bag This Quarantine

I left my dorm to come home this quarantine to spend time with my family and for practical purposes. I was only hitching a ride with an acquaintance so I could not impose by bringing all my craft materials. I ended up leaving my painting, calligraphy and most of my planner materials. I initially thought I would only be staying for a month or two and now I kind of regret leaving them. I did not expect the quarantine to last much longer.

My planner bag consists of basics + all of my washi samples. Here is what’s inside:


I brought home my pocket TN. I was not able to bring my personal rings because I did not expect the quarantine to last longer, and I wished I brought it home with me. Attached to my Pocket TN is a pen and mechanical pencil for writing.

Washi Notebook

This DIY wax paper notebook was given to me as a present and I use this to store my character washi tapes. I own a lot of character washis and it can consume a lot of time to cut the excess tape. In my free time, I cut them out, and stick it to my notebook for future use.

Sticker Notebook

This is where I store my sticker sheet collection. I don’t own a lot of stickers (for now) and all my stickers fit in one album.


My highlighters are really important for my monthly spreads. Every agenda is labeled with its corresponding color for easy tracking and of course, a more colorful spread. I use Mildliners because of its range of colors and they are stored in a Filed pastel pen capsule case.

Washi Samplers

If I can’t bring my washi collection, then I’m bringing my samplers. My samplers consist of washis from my personal collection and from sample trade. I would usually just bring a few samples with me whenever I go out for a few days but this quarantine, I decided to bring everything, and I am so happy I did. I also store extra PVC cards for new washi samplers.

Craft Accessories

I put my craft accessories at the pocket compartment of my bag. It consists of my glue stick, clips, mini scissors and foils. I forgot to bring my ruler and glue tape but fortunately I can do without them for the meantime.

Planner Bag

I don’t have a go-to pouch for my planner stuff for now because I haven’t found “the one” yet. I initially had a black Sonia Kashuk makeup bag when I arrived home and replaced it with this leather bag I found while quarantine cleaning. It is sturdy, classy and can hold all my stuff (except my washi case) and other essentials.

This is my beloved travel planner kit! I may have all my tools with me right now but I have all the basics I need to keep crafting. Happy crafting everyone!!

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A Nursing graduate in the so-called mid-life crisis, currently pursing her dreams of becoming a pilot. Exploring her creativity through creative planning, painting, calligraphy and other crafts.

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