Get Ready For Crafted By Sophie’s Blooming Third Anniversary!

To celebrate her third anniversary in the planner community, Crafted by Sophie prepared a grand celebration for us. When I say grand, I mean grand. She began posting pictures of this beautiful lady with a floral crown and a fuchsia dress.

Raz, the heart and mind behind Crafted by Sophie, kicked off the anniversary festivities with a PR search last June 4. These ladies were chosen to represent the shop and would receive a CBS package of goodies to use and review.

I am really happy and thankful to be selected as one of the PR team for the second week, and when I received my package, I was beyond happy.

No description available.

If you have been following her feed for the past few weeks, she has been posting giveaways before her grand celebration! Mechanics have been posted on her Facebook group and Instagram story so ifyou don’t want to miss out on future giveaways, you can join Crafted by Sophie’s Facebook Group.

Crafted by Sophie will also release 25 new sticker sheets, 8 new washi tapes and a new character!

For international fans, worry not for CBS has not left you out! The new items will be available at Etsy and will offer an upgrade to premium stickers for every purchase this anniversary celebration!

But the grandest surprise of them all…

…is Sophie’s biggest project yet — the Bloom Box! She has been teasing us with photos for the past few weeks — and I am dying to see it in all its glory.

Here is what we know so far about her grand release:

Last Thursday, July 2, CBS has finally revealed the Bloom Box on her IGTV.

Sophie is now accompanied by a new character named Mochi. 15 Mochi stickers will be released together with 10 Sophie new stickers which focus on self-care. The stickers are discounted when bought as a bundle and you get 5 FREE premium oopsie stickers. (the new release stickers are not part of the box so it is sold separately)

The Bloom Box contains the following:

  • 6pcs foiled sticker sheets (1 transparent date, 1 regular date, 2 floral, 1 box, 1 quote, 1 days of the week)
  • 2pcs boxed sticker kit
  • Hobonichi Weeks sticker kit
  • 4pcs premium ladies stickers
  • 5pcs sticker diecuts
  • 4pc foiled washi holders
  • 1pc notepad
  • 1pc vegan leather pouch
  • 1pc ball pen
  • 8pcs washi tapes ( 1pc 20mm, 3pcs 15mm, 1pc 10mm, and 3pcs 5mm)
  • and an exclusive mystery item

Her previous City Girl washi collection will also be available at the price of 1, and all orders will get 2 random 3mm washes, 1 premium and regular matte stickers, Bloom journaling card and 1 diecut!

Those who joined her birthday raffle will receive 4 3mm washis and the first 20 customers on the day of release will receive 6 Bloom by Faith journaling cards!

The combined items from the box will cost more than Php3000 but the Bloom Box will only cost Php1750 and will be available at Saturday, July 4, 2020 at 12NN Manila time at Shopee and only 40 boxes are up for grabs! Set your alarms on ladies, prepare your wallets and ninja fingers and let’s keep our fingers crossed so we can lay our hands on a box!

UPDATE: Check out what’s inside my Bloom Box!

PS. Thank you Ms. Raz for letting me write about your grand celebration and Ms. Diane for the proofreading. Your feedback always means a lot to me ❤️

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