Yes, I Bought Planner Accessories From Hairbow Shops

I have a confession to make: I love bows. Bows look great on planners as washis, paper clips, charms, tassels, and stickers. But I had my eyes on something recently: hairbows.

Handmade hairbows have increasing popularity over the past few years. When I saw it in my Instagram feed recently, I wanted them for my planners as well, so I compiled a list of shops, both hairbow and planner shops, that can accommodate orders for bow planner accessories. I also ordered from three shops and here is my haul.


While I was writing the article, I fell in love with the pink glitter bow with the gem centerpiece, and I had to get it no matter what. When I inquired if she can make a charm out of it, she agreed and gave me a reasonable price for it…and I reserved it right away. I also ordered paper clips to come with my order.

Her package was the first to arrive and I fell in love with them, especially my planner charm and I received one blue bow clip for free 💖 I was so happy with my charm that I could just stare at it all day!

Price upon request,

2/3 Bow x Glam PH

The shop owner is just a pleasure to talk to and work with. She is familiar with creative planning so she was excited to make some charms and clips despite having a lot of pending orders. I received my mail and I fell in love with my clips. The clips are really affordable, and I will definitely come back and order another batch! You can shop at their Instagram.

Price upon request, Bow x Glam PH

3/3 Sirena Crafter

Her butterfly clips were so affordable that I couldn’t help but order in bulk. The transaction with her was really quick since she already had experience making paper clips. The bulk package she offers will already give you all the butterfly designs you need…I guess. 🤭

24pc butterfly clip set, price upon request, Sirena Crafter

I got all these for less than Php1000 (excluding shipping fee) and every piece was worth the purchase! Have you tried ordering planner accessories from hairbow shops? Share your experience with us! ❤️

Published by Miss Butterball

A Nursing graduate in the so-called mid-life crisis, currently pursing her dreams of becoming a pilot. Exploring her creativity through creative planning, painting, calligraphy and other crafts.

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