Why I Started Blogging + Giveaway!

I will be honest: I was a bit hesitant to start blogging. I consider myself not popular, did not have several friends in the local community and website blogging is not popular in the Philippine planner community. Most people use platforms like Facebook and Youtube to showcase their creativity so I thought that this blog will eventually be a flop.

During this quarantine period, I took up online courses at Coursera to expand my creativity and self-growth, and Content Marketing was one of them. The course encouraged students to use blogs while taking the course so I decided to create a blog dedicated to crafting.

I started my blog with little experience and made some mistakes. I can only learn so much on an (online) classroom setup so doing the actual thing is harder than I thought. After writing my first few articles, Ate Diane sent me a message and gave me some constructive feedback and I was more than happy to accept to correct some mistakes. Ate Diane, thank you soooo much for your guidance. It means the world to me.

I know blogging takes a lot of time and patience, and I don’t expect to reach hundreds of viewers instantly. The idea of even just one person reading my blog is already more than enough for me to keep writing. I do not write with the intention of reaching a wide audience, but to a small community who I can relate my love for the craft with.

I am so thankful for the PH planning community for being such amazing friends and for supporting my blog so I would like to thank you all by hosting my first humble giveaway! I decided to prepare a pink and girly theme for you guys and here is what you can get for winning:

From the bottom of heart, thank you so much for being with me and I hope you can watch me grow as I keep writing! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated!

Published by Miss Butterball

A Nursing graduate in the so-called mid-life crisis, currently pursing her dreams of becoming a pilot. Exploring her creativity through creative planning, painting, calligraphy and other crafts.

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