Quarantine Cleaning: Finds I Can Use For Crafting

I came home to my father’s side during this quarantine period because classes were suspended. I had a lot of spare time aside from taking MOOCs so I thought of spring cleaning the place. So what did I find in my grandparents’ home? It turned out to be an exciting treasure hunting.

Ribbons and Borders

My grandma used to buy rolls of ribbon for gift wrapping. Now I am thinking of making bows, dashboard decorations, and tassels out of it! You can do so much with ribbons.

Envelopes and Greeting Cards

Envelopes and greeting cards I assume are from the 90s.. I could go old school style write snail mails with these!

Leather Bag

My grandma wasn’t using this anymore because she couldn’t find the matching strap. I took this, thinking this would be a really pretty planner bag!

Old Accessories and Beads

I got different kinds of accessories and beads. Some were broken, some intact. I could use the small beads for different purposes such as shakers, and the big pearls I got as charms.

Vinyl Border

Vinyl borders are mainly for home interior designs that are pretty and textured. These can be really pretty backgrounds for journals, planner dashboards, and other uses.

Cassette Cases

While I still have to think of how to repurpose cassette tapes, the cases can be really handy. Their uniform size can make great organizers for stickers, ephemera, charms, etc.

Tin Cases

I found chocolate and biscuit tin cases that can be good for storage. This is where I currently store the envelopes and cards I have compiled.

Photographic Films

Strips of dark-colored plastic that was used to developed pictures, can be used for vintage journaling. Just be mindful of these; some of these images may hold a sentimental value for reprinting or some may have sensitive content. It would be better if you check out the images before using it to decorate, for yourself or someone else.

Old Books

I was able to find old comics, dictionaries, novels, and encyclopedias. I put old books that are in good condition away for either donation or for display at home. I still kept old books in bad condition old pages for vintage or junk journaling. One tip: you can cut out words from a dictionary and paste it in your journals or snail mails!

Old Cases

I found an old Yves Saint Laurent makeup case and other branded cases. I removed the contents and thought of reusing them as fancy storage.

Embroidery Threads

Aside from the usual sewing kit we would find in our grandparent’s stash, I found embroidery threads! I was starting to get interested in embroidery and I was happy I wouldn’t have to buy embroidery threads.

Has anyone cleaned their homes during this quarantine period? What did you find? Share it with us!

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