Crafted by Sophie’s Bloom Box Is Just Stunning

I received my box a few days later. I went ooh-la-la when I opened the box. Everything is just gorgeous.

The Bloom Box consists of the following items:

  • 6 pcs Bloom in Faith Journaling Card
  • 1 pcs Foiled Journaling Card
  • 8 pcs Washi Tapes
  • PU Leather Pink Pouch
  • Sparkling Bloom Gel Pen
  • Gorgeous Bloom Sticker Kit
  • 4 pcs Premium Goddess Stickers
  • Spiral Notepad
  • 4 pcs Washi Board
  • Die Cuts
  • Dash Board to your preferred size (I got an A6)
  • Mystery Item
  • Random Freebie

Watch the unboxing video here:

Let’s check out every item in the Bloom Box!

Most stickers are in this envelope. Other stickers and paper that don’t fit in this thin envelope are packed separately. Opening the envelope, you can see a short yet sweet message!

There are 6 pcs of premium Goddess Girls die cuts, and the backing can be peeled off if you want them as stickers. There is a laminated bookmark with your name of request and a short quote, and a gold foiled Bloom journaling card.

There are also 6 pcs of Bloom in Faith journaling cards. Unlink the color palette of the Bloom Kit, the cards are in a starry palette of blue, white, and yellow. The cards are printed on a cardstock and have a matte finish. Each card has different illustrations of a young girl, along with a Biblical quote.

We have the Gorgeous Bloom Sticker Kit. There are 2 pcs of illustrated foiled sticker kit, 1 pcs of Hobonichi Weeks sticker sheet, 6 pcs of pure gold foiled sticker sheet (2 floral, two days of the month, one quarter box , and one flower line), and 1 pc of days of the week sticker sheet printed on light pink sticker paper.

There are two pcs of premium Sophie sticker sheets and one custom size laminated dashboard. It has an illustration of a girl facing back, holding a bouquet of flowers with gold butterfly foil accents. I got an A6 size.

There are 4 pcs of Premium Goddess Stickers, where one goddess is printed for every sheet.

Four pcs of laminated washi cards are also included in the pack. The design is one-sided, and there is one goddess for every card, with butterfly gold foil accents.

The gel pen is absolutely gorgeous! The pen body is fuchsia with silver metal details, and the crystals inside the pen matches the color of the pen body. The pen is also refillable, so you don’t have to worry about it being one-time use.

The pink PU leather pouch is so cute! The pouch has the Craftedbysophie logo in front, as you can see with the pink heart with angel wings. It a a gold zipper, and the insides are fuchsia in color.

The mystery item is a tulle light pink ribbon keychain with a Craftedbysophie logo charm!

The kit also comes with a spiral notepad. The front cover has the Bloom Goddess and the sheet design is the girl facing her back.

Last but definitely not the least, we have the Bloom washi tapes! These are gold foiled washi tapes that come in different sizes:

  • 1 pc of 20mm Bloom Goddess girl washi tape
  • 3 pcs of 15mm floral, pattern, and butterfly washi tape
  • 1 pc of 10mm butterfly ombre washi tape
  • 3 pcs of 5mm slim washi tapes
  • 3 pcs of 2mm super slim washi tapes (this is not included in the standard Bloom washi kit and is a freebie for the Bloom box)

These are my absolute favorite in the bloom kit! They are sealed with shrink plastic. Once you open them and swatch the washi tapes, you can see they are absolutely beautiful.

Another kit will come out soon. “Write Your Own Story” (tentative) is already in the works and we are already excited for the next kit! Congrats on your first subscription box. Raz!

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