Happy Mail | Rainbow Papeterie Stickers

Stickers are a staple for several planner girls and I am definitely one of them. Recently, I am slowly growing my local sticker collection because I have grown to love locally made products like my haul here.

A few days ago, I received a gift package from Rainbow Papeterie and I was still am very happy to receive this gorgeous package. I couldn’t just keep it to myself so I decided to share with you all what Rainbow Papeterie has to offer.

I unboxed my package and I received much more than I expected! Watch the unboxing below:

First thing that appeared on my package was the flower washi flakes. These beautiful flakes would look amazing on vintage journals!

I received a sample of stickers from some of the sticker character lines. This character kind of got me. 😂 This is Sophie the PMSing Chibi. Apparently, she is a little Ms. Congeniality who turns to Ms. Hyde when her period approaches. Artwork by CockatooDesign and is available in 5 designs.

A new favorite character of mine is Chloe, the happy planner chibi. Drawn by SHCPrints and colored in minimal colors which turned out to be very kawaii.

Here is Maddie, the shop’s resident planner girl, who is described as a planner girl and superwoman who valiantly tries to be on top of her endless chores, while keeping her sanity with pockets of me-time. If you need some functional characters for your planners, then Maddie is here to add cuteness to your planners!

Rainbow Papeterie also has a male chibi character named Chibito!

And meet Rainbow Mermaid Maggie and Rainbow Unicorn Unna! Both artworks are by Sumek Injai and have 20 designs each!

Save the best for last! I got the best-selling and fashionable City Girls Series which has100 designs to date! Unlike the other character stickers sheets that are sized at 3 x 5″, these 4.75 x 7″ sticker sheets have over and they come in two sizes: Tall that is 3″ for standing and 1.75″ half bodies, and Petite that is 1.75″ for standing and 1-1.25″ for half bodies. For a touch of vintage, Rainbow Papeterie also has the Retro Ladies line, where gorgeous ladies are wearing outfits from the early decades of the 1900s.


What I received is not everything the store has to offer. They have more diecuts, sticker lines and other merchandise that is worth taking a peek! Rainbow Papeterie will re-open her website and Shopee account soon and I am looking forward to it! In the meantime, you can check out her Instagram and Facebook accounts!

PS. Thank you again Ate Ikay for the present and Ate Diane for the advice!

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