Product Review | Chrisella09 Pocket Feltdori

My cousins have been wanting to try out a planner as well ever since they saw me use it so I decided to buy them a starter planner.

The Feltdoris from Chrisella09 (Php300 at Shopee for a limited time) was the planner they decided on. I send a message to the shop owner to ask more details about it and she was very accommodating to answer my questions. I finally checked out after and received my package a few days later. I could not take a picture of the package because my cousins were too excited to open the items.

The Feltdori is made of printed felt that is 1.5mm thick. The planner itself is approximately 5.7″H by 8.5″W It can fit Pocket or Field Notes size (for a 3.5″W by 5.5″H insert).

My 7-year old cousin decided on a peach planner with blue floral details. I was not expecting her to choose a color combination like pink and blue, but seeing how she loved it, I guess that’s all that matters.

Peach planner with blue floral details

On the other hand, my 10-year old cousin chose a red rose planner with a green background. A touch of vintage, I’d say.

A red rose planner with a green background. A touch of vintage, I'd say.

The exterior has a reinforced spine with white stitch color. Colored elastic cords that match the notebook are placed to loop the notebook close and to house 4 inserts. A pen loop is sewn at the side of the notebook that can fit a thick pen or two thin pens and/or pencil.

The interior is mostly white with a pocket of the same pattern on each side of the notebook. You can also replace the elastics to your preference.

The planner comes with two charms and a paper clip to make a set.

After putting the accessories and looping the notebook, this is what it looks like. It may look flimsy at first but once you start putting your inserts, it will look chunky and sturdy.

First impression when you close the cover.
It may feel flimsy and soft with nothing inside.

The feltdori can fit 4-6 notebooks. The elastics can hold 4 inserts while the pockets can hold an insert each.

Putting 6 inserts in this planner. A chunky planner looks great!

A chunky, insert filled planner

Here is what the front would look like without the additional insert at the front pocket.

The front without the additional insert at the front pocket.

Here is the back of the planner with an additional insert at the back pocket.

The back of the planner with extra insert

After putting the contents, the planner can now firmly stand on its own.

The planner can now firmly stand on its own.

A pencil and pen can fit the big loop or a bulkier pen like a Coleto. For my younger cousins, the pencil and pen combo would be great especially when they want to doodle.

A pencil and a pen can fit the pen loop.

Their planners all set up

We finally have (kind of) matching planners! From left to right, you can see my planner, my 7-year old and 10-year old’s planners. I will write another article on how we setup their planners according to their age and preference.

Their planners right beside mine.

My final thoughts? It may look flimsy at first but it is sturdy and can do its job once you put the inserts. You can choose a pattern that you desire which can especially be appealing to children. Just care for it like how you would handle felt and be careful with getting it dirty. You can avail of their feltdoris here.

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