2020’s Popular Sellable Craft According To Instagram

DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for informative purposes only. This is not a review of their products and services and is not a paid or sponsored article.

The pandemic has greatly impacted but small, local businesses have been thriving this year, thanks to the presence of social media and the increasing number of people switching to local and handmade products.


Planters and Pottery

Another craft that has risen due to the high demand for plants and decorating is pottery. Pots, made with different clay or non-clay materials, make plants extra posh and gorgeous! Pots are sometimes hand-painted, molded into different shapes, or even made with unusual materials like fiber. Some businesses even step up their game by creating unique concepts!

Hair Bows

Resin Art

With resin, your creativity can go as high as the sky. There are several kinds of resins but most artists either go for epoxy or UV resin for their craft. Some popular items being sold are jewelry, keychains, combs, and bookmarks. Resin art is one of the most popular yet risky art. Before going into resin art, please wear protective equipment and do it in a well-ventilated place.

Clay Art

Made with either oven-baked or air dry clay, this versatile hobby can venture into various businesses by turning clay into figurines, jewelry, centerpieces, charms, and a lot more!

Jewelry Making

The pandemic may keep people from going out but it did not stop people from being fashionable. Local jewelry shops still maintained their social media presence, and the craft is getting more creative day by day!


Leather goods, especially genuine leather, are a great investment if you want to own something in the long run. They are durable, timeless, and elegant. Basic leather materials are not as expensive as you think but it takes a lot of love and effort to be able to craft a beautiful piece!


Crochet is a needlecraft that uses a crochet hook to loop yarn or thread together to create a textile. This all-around craft that can be made into apparel, blankets, accessories, dolls to home decor!

Face Masks


Pretty Find: Dainty Lush‘s beach theme cold processed soap with seashell embeds on top and scented with sweet ocean laze is an eye-candy!

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