Product Review | Sunday Leathercraft Pocket Butterfly TN in Hardin

I had my eyes on Sunday Leathercaft for years now because of two particular designs: the butterfly notebook and scallop notebook. It was this cover, however, that got my eyes fixed.

Few weeks ago, I finally ordered my own notebook. Ms. Irma was accommodating to every question I had and was a pleasure to talk to. She was happy to make another butterfly notebook and told me that the cover could take a week to finish: which includes the time for the dye and paint to settle on the leather.

The result was a different color from what I saw in Instagram but it had a different charm to the purple-pink combo of what I was initially expecting. It was more colorful for she got excited while working on the project so I thought that if she loved working on it, then it must be really something.

I took the notebook as is and Ms. Irma named it Hardin, or garden.

The butterfly has landed in my home, and it was the biggest and most colorful butterfly I have ever seen.

On the day I received the package, I could not wait to the point that I ditched making an unboxing video so I could just open it. I was that excited. Finally, here is my Butterfly Pocket Notebook in Hardin.

I have never owned a planner that is as customized and personalized like this. The pink garter is thick and the notebook is nicely sewn with pink thread. The notebook is shaped like a butterfly wing and so far, this is the only shop I know that has butterfly notebooks.

The sides are painted pink to match the garters, and you can see it is thick and firm but not too stiff.

And here is how it looks like from the top. This can stand on its own despite its butterfly wing shape. Notice that it the notebook is curved, probably because this is newly made.

When you open it, it won’t open flat, especially if it has been closed for quite a while. You may want to keep this in mind for flatlays and flipthroughs.

I really love how it opens up like a butterfly though!

As I the notebook, I got to appreciate the butterfly shape much more.

The longer I look at the color, the more I have come to love it.

I love how it has a description and care procedures!

The traveler’s notebook is made of vegetable tanned leather, handstitched using thicker than usual thread, and is hand painted using leather paint and dye. A top coat is applied to seal in the color and keep the leather protected.

We all know that precious planners need care and fortunately, she has added some tips as well. To clean this kind of cover, just gently wipe the area with a dry, smooth cloth to remove any dirt or stain. Do not use alcohol or conditioner as it may tarnish the paint job on the surface.

Looking inside, you can see a butterfly patterned inner pockets and a pink suede interior which is not painted.

An additional front pocket was added on top of the standard inner butterfly pocket to my request. You can also see the stitching which is well made.

A pen loop is included and can opt for either a slim loop (for sizes like pencils and regular pens) or standard loop (for sizes like Lamy Safari and Sharpee).

You can opt for how many inserts you want for your cover. I decided to go for wide or for 6 inserts.

One thing I regret: I should’ve ordered an extra garter for my TN. It can be a pain to buy online especially if you just want this item. I will take note of this the next time I buy TNs again. Haha.

You can see how the butterfly wing cover and its butterfly wing reinforced spine look from this angle.

Let me show you how it looks under different lighting. This is how it looks like under harsh and direct noon sunlight. A bit lighter, as you can see.

This how the colors look like indoors at around noon time as well. You can see that it looks a bit darker and you can see some stretch marks, especially when you forcefully try to lay out the notebook really flat. When you close the notebook, the cracks are completely gone.

Even if the notebook paint is properly sealed, I do not expect it to be forever intact, especially how I can see myself carrying this around with me and I can be careless at times…and I see myself using this for the years to come.

Despite that, I actually look forward to how this will look like in the years to come. I personally don’t like cracked, faded, or ruined paint jobs on planners; but for some reason, I would not mind at all if this happens to this planner. I think this type of planner would still look beautiful after it ages, and a combination of pastel and vintage would be a killer to look at.

It will look much darker with fluorescent light…

…and much darker in a dim room in the afternoon.

The notebook comes with a drawstring pouch but I find it too big. You may fit other materials in the pouch along with your notebook but you may want to have another pouch if you want a cover that is an exact fit.

Overall, I love this baby so much. I don’t think I will ever destash this baby, and I am likely to keep this even after I become a grandma.

Thank you sooo much Ms. Irma for this beauty! I looooove the color palette of this notebook, I love the butterfly pattern, and I just love everything. I am hoping to buy rings by the end of the year or early next year!

What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments!

Sunday Leathercraft is available on Facebook and Instagram and can ship locally and internationally.

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