Product Review | Hans.Handmade Custom Size Sticker Album Cover + DIY Inserts

I had to deal with a certain frustration: stickers come in different sizes so storage can really get tricky. Some organizers for certain sizes can easily be found such as 3R and wallet size, but for a size for approximately 2.5″ by 5″, it can get really tricky.

Popular sticker brands with this similar size is Keenaprints and Prism Planner Shop (which I personally own)and I get frustrated organizing them in sheets that are oversized so the sheets tend to overlap each other. I could not find albums that are a perfect match, so I decided to make one myself: by ordering a custom cover and making the inserts myself.

I decided on an affordable leatherette TN that isn’t thick so I asked for help from Hans.Handmade to make me a sticker album cover.

I requested for a TN cover that can accommodate 5 3/4″L by 5 1/8″H inserts (scroll down to insert tutorial to see dimensions) with 4 elastics and 2 pockets. I don’t have much stickers but I wanted to be ready to accommodate a lot of stickers in the future.

I received the package weeks later and I was happy with the result.

The item was well-packed and it came in a pretty note. She allotted extra allowance for the insert size I provided and has thin but double elastics.

The leatherette notebook is a bit thin and flimsy compared to thick leather TNs but personally, this is just right for me because I did not want a cover that would take much of the bulk. The cover appears this way because of the inner pockets, which I did not mind at all.

DIY Sticker Album Inserts

You can make a sticker album cover with different materials you wish for. You may have a laminated cover, fabric or felt cover, or leather in my case. You may use this method as well for other sticker sizes too!

Materials Needed:

  • TN sticker album cover (leatherette cover in my case)
  • thread and needle (or fuse tool or sewing machine)
  • 5″ by 2.5″ sticker sheets as reference
  • short or long binder sheet
  • trim and score board (ruler will do if not available)

Align your stickers inside the sheet, with the rightmost sticker at the corner opposite the side with the holes. For 2.5″ by 5″ stickers, use 4 stickers. for every sheet.

Allot an extra 1/8″ which is at 2 5/8″ where you will score or make a line. If you will use a ruler, you can do the same thing and use a material like a credit card to make a line.

Repeat the steps until you’ve reached the end. I personally leave more allowance at the last part to make sewing a bit easier.

Now rotate your insert so you can trim off the excess for the top load. Allot an extra 1/8″ again so trim at 5 1/8″.

Here is how it looks like. As you can see, I allotted more space at the right end for sewing (I haven’t tried sewing with the last end already cut so please let me know if it is easier!). You can see the scoring lines which will serve as your guide for sewing.

You can now start stitching. It is up to you on what kind of stitch you want (running stitch or back stitch) and what thread color you want. I went for light pink with back stitching.

After sewing all the lines and trimming excess, here is how it looks like. This one page can hold at least 8 stickers back to back. I personally like sewing compared to using fuse tool because it feels more sturdy.

I made 4 more so it makes 5 sheets, or 10 sheets if folded, or a total of 40 stickers.

I personally sew them separately so I can add or remove pages as I wish, but you may also sew pages together to make a booklet if that is what you prefer.

It’s time to insert it on my custom cover!

The stitching may not be perfectly aligned but once you put the stickers, it won’t be that noticeable.

If you measure the dimensions of the page with a ruler, the length is approximately 5 3/8″L by 5 1/8″H. It is an approximate value because my measurements from cutting and stitching are not 100% accurate.

I am able to fit 40 stickers in this one set so if I fill all 4 elastics with a 5-sheet insert each, I can have at least 160 sticker sheets and still have room for a lot more! If you have a 6 sheets per insert, you can have 48 sticker sheets per insert and a total of 192 sticker sheet capacity!

All in one handy sticker album!

How do you organize your sticker sheets especially when you own various sizes? Let me know in the comments!

You can order from Hans.Handmade locally via Facebook, Instagram and Shopee.

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