My 2021 Habit Tracker + Free Printable!

I have a confession: I have a very weak sense of self-discipline. I have been struggling with this for as long as I can remember. Here is another confession: I never had a planner or journal with complete pages.

This year, I decided to work on that by making my own habit tracker! Hopefully, if not completely change, improve my self-discipline. Baby steps is still progress, after all.

At the cover of the insert is a recent artwork I made. I hope you’ll love her!

In the daily tracker, you can keep tack of daily routine that you tend to miss out on. I personally miss medications and wellness habits. I am definitely going to work on this. Some months who have less than 31 days in a month have boxes shaded.

Here are some suggestions you can track:

  • supplements and medications (once a day or you can divide the box into two for twice a day)
  • lifestyle habits such as smoking, nail biting, and sugar intake
  • skincare routine (I also include routines that I do every other day)
  • health indicators such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels

For the weekly tracker, there are four boxes per month which is the number of weeks.

Here are some suggestions:

  • household chores like cleaning the fridge or dust ceilings
  • weekly self-care routines such as exfoliants, mud masks or hair spa

Here is a layout I made for the monthly tracker. I know that it is labeled yearly but it is a monthly tracker…my bad.

In the monthly tracker, you can keep track on the following ideas:

  • period tracker (instead or marking the box with a check, you can write down the day you had your period)
  • monthly household chores such as change curtains
  • monthly visits for your facials and spas, doctor appointments, etc
  • bills such as electricity, credit card, water, etc

What I wish I had included was making a yearly tracker. I have once-a-year payments to settle and this is something that slipped out of my mind.

I decided to share my tracker with you all! I can only offer a pocket TN size (3.5″x5.5″) Please take note that this is for personal use only and cannot be sold or used commercially.

TAKE NOTE: This file should be printed on a half long bond paper. Cut marks are provided to guide you where to cut. Please check your printer settings as well in a way that the entire page can fit the half long bond paper. The sequencing of the pages can really be confusing to look at because this is formatted in a booklet. Only when you print everything and fold the pages will you see them come together.

If you have questions, feel free to ask! I’ll try to help out as much as I can.

I hope I can see you guys use this tracker and do tag me on your social media posts!

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A Nursing graduate in the so-called mid-life crisis, currently pursing her dreams of becoming a pilot. Exploring her creativity through creative planning, painting, calligraphy and other crafts.

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