Product Review | OAT MNL’s Jamie Standard TN Journal

OAT MNL started way back in 2001 as a family business, making products for their own and other brands and as well as joining yearly bazaars. Some of their bestsellers include personalized hygienic products such as face masks and spray bottles, vegan leather goods, and their chemical-free anolyte disinfectant.

At first glance at their Instagram account, you would not expect that a brand with this line of products actually has journal covers as well.

Not long ago, OAT MNL was so generous as to send me a box of their products. I honestly did not know what is in the package so I am really excited to open the present.

Opening the box, and you can see the well-packed products. So far, I can see a pouch, a travelers notebook in standard size, eco bag, and a drawstring pouch with a mystery item inside.

The Karylle zipper pouch is made of vegan leather. It feels padded and the inside is made of different cloth material. I couldn’t describe exactly what it is, but it feels waterproof to a certain extent.

The Jamie Standard TN Journal is Oat Mnl’s take on Travelers Notebook. At first glance, it resembles the Webster’s Pages Travelers Notebook because of the matching tag on the string; but other than that, there aren’t any similarities anymore.

The notebook has a reinforced spine of the same color and its corners aren’t rounded. It has nice, think black elastic strings to hold the cover and to hold the inserts inside. You can also see that the notebook is nicely sewn with white thread.

It also has two pen loops which can fit thick pens such as fountain pens or Coletos or fit two pens/pencils. One pen loop is sewn at each side of the notebook. You may also use a single pen and slide into both pen loops to create a locking mechanism as well.

Here is how it looks when you open the notebook. There are two pockets for the front side; one is a full pocket and the other is a half pocket. When you hold the notebook, you can really feel that it’s chunky!

It also comes with a magnetic page marker with the “oat” label on it.

The Jamie notebook comes with 4 regular blank inserts with a thick kraft cover and the inserts are stapled together. It has 20 sheets or 40 pages per insert.

The back portion of the notebook has a full pocket as well.

Opening the string pouch are more inserts! I was told that these are the premium inserts.

Compared to the regular inserts that are included in the notebook, the premium inserts are covered in a thick black cover. The paper also feels smoother and slightly thicker and the inserts are sewn. The premium inserts that came in my package come in dotted, grid, and ruled. At the bottom right of the page, you can see “organize and travel”

Even if the inserts fit the drawstring pouch, the notebook itself won’t fit. The eco bag is too big for the notebook so I suggest that you find a pouch that can protect your notebook, especially if the color is light like mine, that can tend to have dirt seen easily.

The Jamie TN notebook also comes in A5 size for those who prefer a different size.

You can check out my unboxing video here:

I am still thinking about how to use standard size notebooks. Please let me know how you use yours! ♥

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