Product Review | Reejcraft Pocket TN in Violet Full Grain Leather

Reejcraft is a small shop that makes handcrafted leather traveler’s notebooks made with love. It uses full-grain vegetable tanned leather to ensure premium quality that lasts a long time and offers a wide range of sizes such as tiny, pocket, A6, personal, standard, and A5, and offer colors such as tan, choco brown, toffee, wine red, and violet.

The color of the stitches also vary and you can choose from coral, cream, dark violet, black, taupe, olive, and light yellow!

Last year, Reejcraft sent me a care package. The box contained a Pocket Traveler’s Notebook in that came with its own satin drawstring pouch and some goodies! I was not able to take pictures of the unboxing but fortunately I was able to take a video of what was inside the package.

My first impression of this cover is that it is simple yet elegant. I love how there aren’t too many details to see in this cover, and the violet color is simply beautiful. It feels lightweight, yet it definitely looks sturdy. What I like about simple journals is that they are very easy to decorate with accessories!

The stitching is light violet in color and the elastic strings are dark brown, and it perfectly compliments the color of the cover. It does not stand out too much, and it does not look too monochromatic.

Opening the cover, you can see that it has pockets on both sides of the notebook. The elastic strings are neither too thick nor too thin, but it feels sturdy enough to hold the strings and keep its elasticity for a long time. The strings alone can fit 4 inserts and you can 2 more inserts for each side pocket, if you wish to do so. Otherwise, you may add other materials such as sticker sheets, receipts, or whatever you may need.

This cover does not have a pen loop, but you can request for a pen loop when you have your notebook customized.

What I love about this notebook is that it lays down flat! This is perfect if you are into taking pictures of your journal spreads.

This is what the cover looks like when you flip it. You can see the Reejcraft logo at the lower left portion of the cover, or at the lower right at the back side when you close the notebook.

The stitching is also well-made. The lining is not as accurate as machine sewn stitching you can see in clothing, but you can see that it is nicely sewn and you can tell from a glance that this is definitely handmade.

You can see from the top view that the leather is not too thick nor thin. It is a balance of stiffness and flexibility.

I love how it fits my inserts and the notebook does not feel too bulky when you close it. I can close the notebook and still have space for a pen, and it does not simply slip off. Of course, having a pen loop may still be better but you can still do without it.

Overall, I love this notebook! These kinds of leathers look great as well as time passes, especially when the patina forms over time. This is something I would like bringing if I am traveling.

Of course, standard care for leather covers as these may apply such as conditioning, but I wouldn’t have to worry about flaking, (minimal) contact with water, dirt, or other stains that can be simply wiped off.

This notebook if perfect for people on the go because it is handy, lightweight, and sturdy!

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