Ribbon Embroidery On Paper Envelope

DISCLAIMER: Before reading any further, please be reminded that this is not an embroidery tutorial. I am self-learning this craft and I do not consider myself as an embroidery expert.

This video tutorial also explains some basic concepts as well as patterns I will be doing for my ribbon embroidery envelope!

So how did I come up with this unusual idea?

Despite that, I still decided to pack my swap as if I am sending a snail mail. It has been so long since I last sent a swap that is penpal-style so I decided to go creative.

During that time, I was practicing the basics (and still am to be honest) ribbon embroidery so I wondered how embroidering on paper would work out.

Combining snail mails and ribbon embroidery gives me a ribbon embroidered envelope!

What I Used:

  • Specialty paper (I am using a 160gsm white paper)
  • Embroidery needle
  • Ribbons (6mm green satin ribbon for leaves, 10mm pink satin ribbon for flower petals and buds, and 10mm champagne satin ribbon for buds and center of flower for this project)
  • Awl to pierce holes (embroidery needle will also do)
  • Thread and needle for sewing the envelope
  • Pencil to draw pattern
  • Lighter
  • Double Sided Tape or Fabric Adhesive
  • Foil Leaf (I use Ferrero Gold Wrapper as zero waste and zero cost alternative)
  • Optional: Candy for the sugar energy boost 😂

Here is how I did it (again, not a tutorial!)

  1. I folded my paper into the desired envelope shape and pattern. I folded into three folds like this, and later on sew the envelope after doing the embroidery.

2. I flipped the envelope and sketch the flower pattern desired. In this envelope, I will go for pink flowers with a champagne center and buds and green leaves.

3. I traced my outline with a pencil. You usually don’t have to worry about the pencil marking because the ribbon will mostly cover it up. You can see a mini sneak peek at the left side because I already worked on the left side…which I will come to regret later on, which I will explain in a while.

4. Piercing the needle through the paper may be difficult so piercing the paper ahead of time may be easier for some people. Gently poke holes with an awl or your needle where the ribbon will pass through. Poking holes too hard can tear the paper. This step is optional and you can directly embroider your ribbons, but with personal experience, they make my fingers sore easily.

5. Thread you needle with your ribbons (in this case though, I did not knot the end of the ribbon but instead placed a double sided tape as you will see it soon) and secure the ends of the ribbon with lighter. Let’s start embroidering!

Remember how I said that you should secure your ribbon, like how you knot a thread when you sew fabric? I improvised by securing the end of the ribbon with a double sided tape on the paper. Tying the end like a knot may end up bulky later on when you will fold your paper into an envelope.

8. You can add more embellishments! In this envelope, I added gold foil. You can buy gold foil leaves but as a zero cost alternative, I’ve used the Ferrero wrappers as golden leaves! I used double sided tape as an adhesive but a good glue will also do its job! You can also use other embellishments like rhinestones, pearls, lace, and a lot more!

Here’s the part that I have come to kind of regret. Remember that in writing letters, the mailing details of the receiver is at the center, postage stamps on the upper right, and the sender’s mailing address at the upper left. The same spot where I have embroidered the other half of my design. Fortunately, I will be sending this letter by a courier and not through the post office or I might have problems sending this letter.

I secured the envelope by sewing its sides using a regular thread and needle. I feel that this would be much more secure than using double-sided tape, especially that I have sewn the envelope itself.

I added more details such as washi tapes and a rectangle gold foil where I will be pasting mailing details.

Here is the final project! I am so happy that my penpal loved the letter and its contents and I really enjoyed working on this project!

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