Product Review | Kwaderno Notebook in Midnight

Kwaderno Notebook was launched last November 2020 inspired by the idea that notebooks are a piece of ourselves, history, and craft. The voyage, however, for crafting the notebook started way back in 2019 to research every little detail for the perfect notebook: from paper types, cover materials, technical sketches, and even branding! Even after the product launch, the brand still continues to strive for product improvements to make their craft more experientially provoking.

The Kwaderno Notebook is a piece of you in a notebook. The one-liner tagline says it all.

A few months ago, I received the Kwaderno Notebook in Midnight (Php399 regular price) and I was really excited to see for it myself. Here is how the notebook looked like when I received it minus the plastic packaging.

The Kwaderno Notebook comes in 5 different neutral colors: Deep Forest (Dark Green), Light Ocean (Grayish Blue), Midnight (Jet Black), Shadow (Gray), and Walnut (Brown). I personally requested Midnight so it would suit my Aviation uniform.

The black circles you see in the label are actually the notebook details. It can be difficult to read for some people so let me tabulate it for you:

Paper100gsm cream
Paper PatternGrid or Dotted
Pages112Sheets or 224 pages
CoverSoft Bounded Textured Leather
FeaturesBuilt-in back pocket, pendant ribbon bookmark

Now let’s actually explore the notebook. The notebook gives off a strong scent that is neither pleasant nor offensive. I could not exactly pinpoint what the exact scent is but the smell definitely gives off a scent of brand new.

The cover is made of softbound textured leather. It feels like hard felt, except that it is leather. It is surprisingly soft for a leather cover and it is flexible. I can see my notebook in the future with patina marks, and I am honestly fine with it. It’s what makes old leather beautiful.

To be honest, I was a bit confused with the semi-pouch that came with it. After taking several looks, I finally discovered a black string elastic that was inside it. You can see the black string inside the pouch and pulling it out outwards turns out to be an elastic to cover your notebook like a travelers notebook. I am not sure if this is its exact purpose but it looks like it.

It was hidden all along.
I finally got it.

The cover of the notebook is plain and minimalistic. There are no marks, embossments, or logo of the brand at the cover. It is very unisex and all around, so anyone can use this notebook.

The notebook has a single brown ribbon bookmark with a pendant.

The front page of the notebook is actually this brown thick paper. Flip the page once more and you actually get to its first page.

What I love the pages is that the dots are neither too light or too dark, which is perfect for arts, calligraphy, and journaling. The dot grid size is perfect for my small handwriting and I really love it, but it may be a bit small for those who have a large handwriting.

You can barely see the dots from afar!

When you flip the notebook open, it won’t be completely flat as you can see below. This may be an issue for you if you take pictures of your notebook in a flatlay position; you may need support because it cannot lay flat on its own. Despite that, you can see how the notebook holds out when fully spread, which is a good thing.

The pages are also sewn together, divided into 7 parts.

The dot symmetry between opposite pages are almost aligned, but this is not really going to be a problem for most people, unless you have a severe case of OCD.

The sides of the notebook are colored with a red-brown shade of color that compliments the bookmark.

As I said earlier, I could not see any signs of the brand on the cover, but as you look more into the notebook, the logo is actually at the bottom part of the last writable page of the notebook.

An expandable back pocket is also seen at the back of the notebook. It is made of thick brown paper which is the same color as the front and back page. You can insert receipts, sticker sheets, or other things you may need on the go.

What are my first impressions? The quality of the notebook is really great, very unisex and work friendly, and it is well-made. The cover may be an issue for some people, but I am okay with it.

I decided to use this notebook as my study notebook for Aviation and I finally had the courage to write my first few pages. My notes look really beautiful and professional. The pages may leave a little ghosting after thick gel pens, but it barely affects how my page looks like.

Again, thank you sooo much Kwaderno Notebooks for giving me an opportunity to try out your notebooks!

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