Product Review | Noted Journal PH Deluxe Pocket Rings in Blush Pink

Noted Journal PH‘s planner covers are made of premium vegan leather. The ring binder cover is handmade, and handmade local products have a special place in my heart. She offers a variety of products aside from her popular planner/journal covers such as washi tapes, cover inserts, stickers and die cuts, notebooks, notepads, organizers, pouches, and other accessories!

I was so elated when Ms. V. sent me another package months ago, and I unboxed it to a really beautiful gem.

Voila, it’s a Deluxe Pocket Rings in Blush Pink, and I am so screaming in pink.

When I took it out from the box, I could just stare at it for so long. I love the color so much, the size is just soooo cute, and it looks fancy and expensive. What just worries me about this color is that I have to take extra care, because a tiny pen mark would look really obvious!

The planner cover has light pink stitching that blends well with the cover. You can also request to have your name or any word you particularly like embossed on your planner!

One thing I noticed right away is that the snap closure is hidden, compared to its previous models. My B6 cover has the snap button shown, while this newer design does not. Other than that, I don’t see any major difference between the old and new deluxe planner designs.

Newer planner covers have a wider snap than this one that I currently have!

The binder mechanism is also hidden when you look from the exterior because of the top-loading pocket, which we’ll get to in a while.

Here is how it looks like when you look at the entire exterior. You can see the embossed Noted Journal PH logo embossed at the lower left of the cover.

What I reeeeeeally love about Noted Journal PH ring binders is that it lays down flat. It lays down flat compared to some ring binder brands that I have owned and it doesn’t even take much effort to try to flatten it to the surface…it just goes flat on its own. This is perfect for people who love taking pictures of their spreads since it does not need any support to keep it flat.

All I can say is that it is absolutely gorgeous!

The Deluxe Rings also comes with a pen loop that can fit my 5-barrel Coletto pen and still have some space. It can also fit some 2 thin barrel pencils and pens. It can fit 2 Unipin pens but with a little difficulty.

There is also a slit to the left of the snap closure but I am not sure what its purpose is. I am guessing it has something to do with inserting the snap mechanism. Newer designs don’t have the slit anymore!

The left side of the planner cover, or the front if we flip the planner open, has 2 card slots. The right side of the planner, or the back, has a sleeve pocket.

One of the main differences between the Deluxe and the normal planner covers is the top-loading pocket. The size can fit money bills, papers, and other similar materials.

I just realized that minus a coin purse, this can act as a wallet! The inserts can act as your financial tracker or grocery lists, there are card slots, sleeves, and a pocket where bills can fit!

Pocket ring planner inserts are in size 8.1cm x 12cm or 3.25″ x 4.75″. Noted Journal also offers ring inserts with sizes that range from A5, B6, personal, and pocket, and designs that range from ruled, plain, grid, and dotted here.

The size of a pocket ring and pocket TN is different. The size of a pocket TN is 3.5″ x 5.5″, and it is slightly larger than the pocket rings.

I absolutely love this planner in general! I initially thought of using this as a carry-on for my errands when I go out, but unless I use a pouch to protect this beauty, I don’t think I would want to use it for that purpose. My bag can have a mix of different items inside and I am just so afraid I would screw up the cover somehow.

What do you think of this beauty? Let me know!

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