8 Simple Morning Hacks To Start Your Day Right

Your body after sleep is like a fully-charged device. It functions at its best immediately after sleep, when your brain is well-rested. The first few hours of the day are especially important: when your brain is at its most productive and functional. Making the most out of your mornings can maximize your time, improve your mood, and increase your productivity. On top of that, how you set your morning primes how your day will be.

A well-spent day morning gives you a feeling of accomplishment of being productive and can motivate you to be consistent throughout the day.

Before you read on, I just want to remind everyone that people run different lives. Some of us may have rushed mornings, some may have kids that need immediate attention, some may even work irregular hours. And that’s okay. In the end, you know what will work best for you to jumpstart your day.

Wake Up Early

Rise and shine everyone!

Some successful people like Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, and Michelle Obama give credit to waking up early as a contributor to their success. There are a lot of benefits of waking up earlier such as having the willpower to take control of your day, making the most out of your brain’s well-rested state, fewer distractions to get your attention, and so much more.

But wait, don’t get me wrong. You don’t have to wake up at 4AM in the morning just to have a productive day ahead. You don’t have to cut off a few hours of sleep to get up early. You don’t necessarily have to be a morning person in order to be productive. Waking up early in the morning may not be for everyone as well.

What matters the most is how you spend the first few hours of the day.

If you do plan to set an alarm…don’t you dare hit that snooze button! It’s a trap!

Say a Little Prayer

You don’t have to be religious to do some prayer. Just a simple thank you to life for giving you another day can do wonders to your mindset.

Stop Browsing Through Your Phone

80% of Americans follow this routine when they wake up…they open their eyes, stretch a bit, grab their phones, check the time, check urgent messages and calls, check not so urgent messages and emails, open Facebook and check notifications, open Instagram, check recent post interactions, browse the feed for a few…wait a minute.

Do we even realize how many minutes have passed since we opened our phones?

We haven’t even gotten out of bed!

Imagine opening your email and read work-related messages. You bombard your newly awakened brain with information, elevate your stress levels first thing in the morning, and put your brain into work right away.

You’re basically ruining your whole morning…and maybe even your whole day.


Stretch to wake up your muscles! Your body has been in bed for hours and your body needs a boost so your body can get up from bed. Stretching has a lot of benefits such as improved blood flow, stimulating muscles, preventing body pain, and providing energy.

Now it’s time to get up!

Drink Some Water

Your body needs to restore its fluids, especially after long hours of sleep and a morning visit to the toilet. Drinking water, juice, or milk, or fluid of your choice (coffee can wait later!) will rehydrate and freshen up your body! You can feel your body cool down with a glass of water and feel your skin more supple and hydrated.

Do Your Morning Self-Care

Brush your teeth, wash your face, do your morning skincare, comb your hair, and even take a shower if you want. You will feel refreshed and clean, and it’s an instant mood booster! Who would want to feel gross at the start of their day, right?

Smile In Front of a Mirror

After washing up, look at yourself in front of the mirror and smile. Looking at yourself smile after washing up can make you feel instantly better about yourself!

Track Your Day With A Calendar, Planner, or a Note

Write down your agendas ahead of time!

Write down all important events in your calendar, journal, or planner. A sheet of paper or post-it can work as well if you don’t own a planner or a calendar (but I highly recommend one!). Write down everything you need to take note of such as:

  • holidays
  • birthdays
  • anniversaries
  • appointments or meetings
  • bill dues
  • deadlines
  • class or work schedule
  • other errands that need to be done for the day
Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

Looking at your list would only take a few seconds for your brain to register what you have to do for the day. You know who to call to greet for their birthday, what time you need to prepare to go out for class, where to go for a lunch date, and so on. Your brain will do its magic at processing all the information and you already have a head start on what your priorities and commitments are for the day!

You can use your planner, a bullet journal, desk calendar, whiteboard, or even post-its: whatever works for you! If you use a planner and journal, this head start can give you a clear idea of how you can plan your day ahead.

Workout or Meditate

Exercising and meditating can happen at any time of the day, of course, but there are certain advantages of doing it in the morning or during the first few hours after waking up. For those who prefer being active in the morning, do some workouts! Exercising can release all those hormones that make you feel euphoric after a workout session. Do grab something to eat if necessary!

Meditating can prevent stress, calm your mind, and increases your efficiency to multitask. Doing it in the early morning when the surrounding is at its most calm can help you set the mood as well.

Grab A Bite

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day for most people, but don’t stress yourself too much to have a well-balanced meal like other people do. Some may not be able to digest a large amount of food at the start of the day.

Eat whatever your body can take. You can have a full breakfast or just have a slice of banana or a sandwich. What matters is you provide your body the energy it needs to keep you going for the next few hours!

Reward Yourself With Your Favorite Cup of Joe

Coffee and tea can stimulate your senses by waking you up and help you give the extra boost you need for your day. I mean, a coffee-loving person can’t function properly without coffee! If you are not a coffee person, tea also works as great!

This is the best time to relax and finally be on your phone while you sip your cup of coffee. You can now open your phone or laptop and start your day.

I know that this list may be a little overwhelming for some people, but don’t worry! A routine is not established overnight: it takes time and consistency for your body to naturally adapt to a routine or habit. It’s okay to take one small step at a time, no one is in a rush to develop new habits. You don’t have to follow every step either if that does not work for you. You may even add a routine to your morning as you see fit.

What morning routine do you have? Share it with us in the comments and let’s talk!

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