Hi, and welcome to my blog!

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Mica, and I call a crafty version of myself Miss Butterball. With so many cute names all over social media, I was running out of ideas for my own self-brand, so I called to Google for help. Among so many cutesy names, Butterball turned out to be not as common and Instagram has finally accepted my name. Then poof, I became Miss Butterball.

I am based in the Philippines exploring the world of craft. I was into arts since I was young; I was given piles of scratch paper as a kid and I would doodle, color and paint on them. God knows how many papers I’ve used up in my childhood.

As years passed, I had my ups and slumps in my craft. There were times I learned multiple skills at a time, there are times when I was a potato. I did not tire of it though. This time, I decided, to document my journey through this blog, so I can always look back to what I have come to love for all my life.

I created this blog for share my love for the craft and explore the what the creative world has to offer. I dedicate this blog to my fellow crafters, especially in the Philippines. I hoped to use this platform I created to support each other, promote small businesses, and provide news and information to the community. I am happy that you are here with me and happy crafting!

Creativity is contagious, pass it on.

Albert Einstein
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