Hello! My name is Mica and I am 25 years old. I am Nursing graduate but currently an Aviation student. During my break, I offer my expertise in handling children and arts and skills. I have been doing these service for a few months already.

Rates may vary depending on the skills chosen as well as the materials needed for every project. You may opt to buy your own or I can provide the materials.


Tutorials for general subjects from Math, English, Filipino to other subjects, help lessen the parent’s workload with a helping hand!

Homework Assistance

With an all-around skill, from DIY projects, video editing, Photoshop to simple writing,


Let me help your kids practice drawing from basic shapes, landscapes to even people!

Letter Making

Let your child experience the traditional way of sending messages – through snail mail! Let them experience sending a letter to a beloved from far away, within the Philippines or international or just simply to a family member.

Creative Planning

Help your kids become independent by letting them keep their own planners! A handy notebook can serve as their journal, planner and so much more!


Let them explore their creativity with watercolor. From landscapes, people to even galaxies! This is an activity your kids will love!


Let your child experience the traditional art of embroidery, whether using ribbon or thread!

DIY Projects

Let’s create! From jewelry making, clay art and different kids project.

Art Club

Is your kid undecided what hobby to take? Let us do an art club! I will curate different projects for every meeting, with projects depending on your budget!

Dip Pen Calligraphy

A lesson for for older kids and even adult who are already practicing their cursive penmanship, experience the traditional art of writing by dipping your pen in ink!

Watercolor and Brush Pen Calligraphy

Let’s step up watercolor skills by calligraphy!

Blackletter Calligraphy

Learn the gothic handwriting with blackletter calligraphy.

Let’s build something together.

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